Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Royal overflow

The King of Coventry and Kale
Continually would take baths
With rubber ducks, kaleidoscopes
Of bubbling oil or kitten soaps,
Killarney waters, Cupid’s tears,
Carnation petals, day-old beer,
Colloidal oatmeal, smooth as silk,
And litre flasks of cobra milk
(Subject to United Nations laws)
Purchased online by Jean-François,
The King’s esteemed koala pet,
Who’d clean the bath out with a net
And carry in the silver trays
Of cashew creams and USAs Today,
Hot fudge, whipped sundaes, whiskeys neat
The bath swayed wide on lion feet.
Fresh frankincense, pink coral scrubs,
(Because because because because)
Thus royal overflowed his tub.

Image: Collage by K. Bischoping

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