Saturday, May 14, 2011

Newspaper Koan

“I went by the hair,” Dove continued, “but it wasn’t Jackie Earle I'd met, just his stand-in. Sparrows said the guy had this ‘thing’ for birds. Can’t perform without us. I wanted to go home and take all my diet pills. But right that second, I saw Kate Winslet –”
     “Kate, or her stand-in?” Swan interrupted, surprisingly sharply.
     “In a newspaper. Blowing by. Geez! Saying she accepts her body. Herself. I realized: this is a koan.”
     “A –”
     “A teaching, Flamingo says. Ever since, I’ve been clean.”
     “I trusted you. You lied,” Swan hissed. “And my kind mates for life.”

The sequel to this story is Sure.

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