Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kate Winslet and the Blooper Reel

“Shooting the blooper reel with Kate Winslet tonight!” Dove lied, winging giddily over the yard. Oddly, humans couldn’t tell the bird talent from hoi polloi, so tonight, he could rove the Little Children set freely. Watch. And dream.
     Below, a mess of cameramen surrounding a grey car! Dove trod air. A short-haired man got out, holding — weird! — a tinfoil swan. The car squealed away, the very squeal Dove had heard yesterday, squashed inside his tinfoil façade. “Cut!”
     Dove flailed to earth.
     “Whuh?” He nudged a sparrow.
     “Jackie Earle Haley.”
     They’d reshot Dove’s big scene. Desperation clutched his heart.

The sequel to this story is La Femme Nikita.

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