Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quail’s Friends at High School

It wasn’t fair. Quail was “timid”, while Dove got away with “sensitive”. What a phony! Yet Raven, Cardinal and the other cool birds flocked around Dove – even Swan, who in the last few months had really changed. Quail felt betrayed.
     Quail’s remaining friends were not cool. Robins 1 and 2 worked hard but didn’t have much personality, and everyone stared at their breasts. Pigeon was stupid. Crow was brainy, but totally obsessed with Raven – her beady eyes followed him everywhere. But Loon could be fun, even crazy sometimes. She had that annoying laugh but overall she was a good egg.


  1. Welcome to the yard, Quail and Loon et al.! (and sorry about your loser, sorry, I mean uncool, friends...) I have Raven + Swan storylines coming up so we might be in alternate yard universes if you write more...

  2. Shamelessly ripped off and riffed, I admit; inspired by Dove's notable later career. I'll leave the characters to you now.


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