Sunday, May 22, 2011


I grew up around the corner from a theatre where, for a single dollar, I could choose from one of five different films, where even as an adult, $3.50 bought me a ticket, not three blocks away, at a bona fide movie palace . . .
     . . . soon to be replaced by a Pottery Barn.
     Even now, I can remember more than a dozen screens within walking distance that have been reconfigured, demolished, or otherwise banished to the suburbs by greedy exhibitors who one day realized there was more money to be made selling their downtown real estate.
     They, of course, blame the VCR.

Photo from Wikipedia.


  1. And now the VCR is endangered by newer technologies.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. ...and now you can only rent a movie through your cable more going to Blockbuster to browse the shelves. Plus some people download movies onto their laptops! I still love the old theaters with their chandeliers and giant velvet curtains. The ambience was so great, but they're rarer and rarer these days.

  3. I was going to say the same thing as Leslie.
    My VCR isn't even compatible with my tv any longer, since the dvr came on the scene.
    Interesting post. Thank you.

  4. Our lives are changing so quickly...scary, and makes me feel old...

  5. I was going to say what Meryl said. :))

  6. The VCR were used extensively by the young sons then, until the CD , VCD, and DVR have taken over.

  7. Very true.Good post for the letter V♫

  8. Fewer people uses VCR nowadays.

    Eye View
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  9. So true, and as others have noted, the VCR is going the way of the dodo bird. There is only one good place (Limelight Video) in Vancouver to rent videos now. I really miss all the video stores. Fortunately, my favourite cinema (5th Avenue) seems to be going strong.

  10. I also still enjoy going to the theater. My hubby and I go during the daytime--even better prices. We still have a few beautiful theaters open here in KC. Great post--gotta love technology though.

  11. Thanks for this reminder that we need to support local theaters. We are about to lose one of the oldest, most wonderful theaters in Madison, The Orpheum, because the owners gutted part of it to be a restaurant, and if you want to see the movie, you have to climb the stairs and sit in the balcony. Anyway, the partners who own the place bicker and they lost their liquor license... which is SO not about the MOVIES. Now some big chain will take it over and ruin the facade. Fond memories... Amy

    1. In the case of the University theatre here in Toronto, all we have left is the façade! :-(

      Also, if the owners of the Orpheum had any sense, they'd stop fighting, and let people have a drink or two while they watch the movie.

      Thanks for the visit.


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