Sunday, May 29, 2011

What the…‽

He had even much liked her, which made it all the more surprising. They had fought as children, competed at school, and only reluctantly joined forces in their second year of college. Maybe it was the late nights in the lab or the long cold walks escorting her back to residence, but nothing had prepared him for this particular revelation. He was like a crash test dummy come suddenly to life only to discover himself already strapped in tight and heading full speed down the track. Wonder and fear condensed to a single moment. A single mark. A bang‽

Photo by Corbis.


  1. Exclamaquest: Times had certainly changed, and finding a vegan-only restaurant was no longer such a big deal, even for brunch. She had read good reviews about this place, and had also heard great things about if from a few friends. The menu offered a wide variety, from soups to desserts, and although they were all out of the tofu stir-fry she ordered, the waiter had promised a suitable replacement. The huevos rancheros they shared as an appetizer was fantastic, and her companion’s tempeh burger looked great when it arrived. So she was quite unprepared when her dish came out. Really‽ Ribs‽


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