Wednesday, May 4, 2011


“What’s my arc?” he kept asking the writers, who kept changing. He didn’t have any action sequences in the sequel either, though reviewers considered them his strong suit.
     Instead, he spent his time harnessed against a green-screen, with not even an olive twig to shred.
     “Too literal. You’re, like, an avatar of God,” he was told. What he felt like was an awkward girl at high school graduation before diplomas get handed out; like a queen without her purse.
     He didn’t say so around Raven, who’d bragged for years about being in some cancelled episode of a B-grade Aesop’s Fables.

Image: by Rubens.
The sequel to this story is Ghost.
Or, for God's view of Dove, see Good.


  1. Nice - and now I see what your note was about.

  2. Very clever, ha! It took me a minute, but only because I am so terrible with titles. myself so pay them little mind.

    I thought the arc/ark very funny, in that I kept thinking dramatic arc.


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