Sunday, May 22, 2011


Pantone swatch: Ultra Violet
The Venetian blinds drawn, Viola dressed carefully at the vanity table. Voilà! A vintage vee-neck, vivid nail varnish, and a hat demurely veiled in voile. She seized up her vade mecum. Her vocation might lead her anywhere -- from sipping vichyssoise with a vintner at Vimy Ridge to the Venezuelan velocipede races, the vastly vacant Venusian fogs. Wherever vice could be vanquished, viruses restored securely to their vats, voles and vixens freed from smuggling vipers, and the vagina once again deployed without vituperation. She'd watched the videos. She'd taken the vows. An inner chorus of violins and vuvuzelas wailed. Volare!


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  1. You are clearly having too much fun with this letter!


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