Thursday, July 21, 2011

Uruguay, República Oriental del

The Republic lies to the east of the Uruguay – River of Painted Birds. Beware! Their tongue glitters sharp with indignities. For example, consider its two forms of we:
  • Ore, the exclusive we: Say the Violet-Capped Woodnymphs tell Plush-Crested Jay, “Ore are flying to Milan for Fashion Week.” Ore tells Jay they’d spurn his company. Maybe he could feed their cat. 
  • Ñande, the inclusive: Were ñande chosen, Jay would be bundled along, willy-nilly, to see the latest fascinators.
The bland, grey English we invites more mutual soundings of intention (“Ooh, Milan?”), permits a fonder farewell (“You crazy kids, enjoy!”).

Image: K. Bischoping collage from Wikimedia Commons images.

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