Sunday, July 24, 2011

Xmas Returns

Sometimes all it takes is a moment of calm, to find a piece of paper—the missing receipt—that shows exactly how long I have to return this book; and the slow understanding that these huge chains really don’t care a whit what they’re selling, or the condition it’s in, so long as someone else will buy it.
     “Why are you returning this?” the clerk asks.
     Can’t you see? It fell on the sidewalk. You overstuffed the bag, and it broke.
     But all I say is: “I just don’t want it.”
     So simple.
     And back on the shelf it goes.

Image source: Library and Archives Canada

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  1. For the month of July, the members of Exquisite Corpse are writing 100 words a day on each letter of the alphabet in turn.


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