Monday, July 25, 2011

Yard Sale

Mary wants to have another yard sale, whereas I’d rather spend my weekend relaxing, or if pressed, making more money noodling around at my desk for a few extra hours than I could possibly earn convincing the neighbourhood penny-pinchers that every one of our outdated gadgets do indeed work and that the only reason we’re willing to sell this stuff for a fraction of what we once paid is because deep inside both of us there still lives the shriveled core of a once practical person who can’t bear to throw away anything that could still be useful to someone.


  1. I used to be addicted to yard sales, but we went mainly as a social outing...I think you have hit the nail on the head with your motive for having a yard sale !

  2. keep me away - I'll spend too much!


  3. I have a friend that goes to yard sales every week-end. If I go I am looking for books.

  4. We call them "car boot sales" though yard sales do seem to be catching on. I always limit myself, otherwise I'd spend a small fortune on "must have" items

  5. When we came to the USA we used $30 (that was our limit) each weekend to buy kitchen and living room stuff - much more fun than going to the store:)

  6. The Husband and I have been saying this is year we have the yard sale for the past 13 years. Who knows maybe this will be the year.
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